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We aim to make life easier with smarter and friendlier software. As a company with international staff and background, we leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide language and comprehension functions.

Our Services

Machine Reading Comprehension (MRC)

Build and train a robot to read articles, and answer questions down to the details
Powered by Artificial Intelligence models and Natural Language Processing

Pre-Processor for NLP (Natural Processing Language) Interface (PNI)

AI training platform to get major brand NLP service smarter with clients' specific domain and knowledge
Processing to ensure machine understanding on any inbound message, such as mixed language, punctuation, variation of words, etc.
Create tailor-made digital assistants and chatbots for businesses to engage with the customers

Microsoft SharePoint

Our team started working with SharePoint since 2003 (that's old!) and we have lots of experience in designing and implementing a custom SharePoint solution, such as Intranet, eForms, Knowledge Management, etc.

Microsoft Yammer

We have deep knowledge in how to construct and encourage social media interaction in the workplace. Don't worry, we won't encourage a platform just for fun and play =)

Microsoft Azure

Azure Cognitive Services are part of our daily work and we stay on top of what's current, especially in the area of Artificial Intelligence.

Our Unique Machine Reading Comprehension (MRC)

How It Works

Collect articles and sample questions from our client


Leverage our optimized language comprehension AI model

Machine learning with prepared training data


AI processes articles + variety of questions to locate the best possible answers

Interactive Q&A thru a user friendly web, mobile, speaker or chatbot UI

Experience Machine Reading Comprehension Demo

Don't take our word for it, try it now!
Choose a sample passage
Select a passage
Ask the machine questions and get answers
Select a sample question

Our Approach


Data Collection

We collect reading materials, sample questions and answers from our clients


Machine Training

Generate more new questions based on given sample questions


Machine Training

Generate corresponding answers for the new questions manually


Machine Training

Train the robot to read and comprehend using the reading materials and Q&A dataset



Test the robot to give correct answer over the AI model



Adjust the AI model based on result accuracy / linguistics behavior


Feedback Evaluation

Our clients can examine the tested model to verify the accuracy and test with new questions


Feedback Evaluation

Further adjust the model based on clients' feedbacks


Ready to Use

The model is ready for our clients to use. We provide webpage, social media, or Microsoft 365 interface for our clients to host the model

How To Buy

How to get a quote:

Submit data samples, question samples, and answer samples for us to evaluate

How much do we charge:

A one-time implementation fee based on the volume of data x expected volume and variety of questions

A recurring monthly subscription fee based on the required uptime x volume of traffic

How long does it take to build:

Typically our implementation takes 1-2 months to complete. There will be a testing period for you to inspect the accuracy

How to get delivery:

We can deliver as a web service, a webpage, a social media messenger connector, or a smart speaker (e.g. Echo) connector. We provide documentation on how to connect the delivery to the above mediums

How to get upgrade / improvement during subscription:

We periodically review the user traffic and establish a timetable agreeable with our clients to find the traffic back into the AI model as training

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