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We aim to make life easier with smarter and friendlier software. As a company with international staff and background, we leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide language and comprehension functions.

Our Products

Intelligent Chatbot

The Intelligent Chatbot has knowledge on specific industries. Even without extra training or customization, the chatbot is already smart.
User Profiling
Intelligent Chatbot can set up profiles for users by remenbering users' preference, most frequent inquiries.
Insights Analytics
Based on AI machine learning, NLP models and raw data collected during chatbot conversations, Insights Dashboard analyzes users' information and behaviors.

What is Intelligent Chatbot

Intelligent Chatbot
Interactive chatbot - the chatbot user interface which allows our clients to plug into any digital media such as website, messager, mobile, etc.
Business insights dashboard - Based on our industry-specific knowledge, our chatbot engine analyzes conversayion and classify useres into different profiles. Coming user's behaviors and their history, we can provide business insights at a brand new level.
Monthly Message Flow
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